Other Services


  • Digitizing: I can digitize video from multiple sources, tape, CD, DVD, etc. and convert the resulting file into media to be used on-line or mastered/copied to a DVD.
  • Editing: once the video has been digitized it can be edited to include effects, transitions, voice-over's, video overlays, etc. for promos, instructional videos, TV, or on-line videos for your site.
  • Video Taping/Production: If you need promos, intros, commercials, instructional videos, etc., we can to it for you in HD then edit and master it to the final source for production or distribution.

Video Sites:

If you would like a Video Sharing Site, like YouTube, I can create it for you. Your users will be able to sign up on your site, upload videos, music and participate in forums or blogs, etc. You will have and administration section where you can approve videos and administer each section of the site.

Graphic Design:

If you need images edited or a basic logo designed, I can do it for you, I use the Corel Draw suite of graphics products, Adobe Photoshop and other graphics software. I do not specialize in graphic design so if you need more exotic or robust graphic work done please consult with a professional graphic designer.

Social Networking Sites:

If you are thinking about setting up a Social Networking site give me a call and we can discuss what you are trying to do and which script will best suite your needs.

Script Installation:

If you need a third party script installed on your web server, such as phpBB, PHPFox, phpMydirectory, Clip-bucket, aMember, whatever the script may be, I can do it for you. If you need the scripts appearance changed to match your site I can modify the script so it matches your sites look and feel.

Depending on the script, installation time varies to setup the mySQL database and install the script. Please call me at 239-677-4425, or contact me using the form below allowing us to discuss your needs.

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