ATA Hard Disk Drive Cloning / Duplication

You've just purchased a new hard drive and don't want to have to re-install the operating system and all of your programs, what do you do?

You have say 4 computers and you want them to be exactly alike and don't want to, or don't have the time to install the operating system and all of your programs multiple times, what do you do?

The answer is simple, you have the original Hard Disk Drive cloned to a new blank drive, then plug the cloned drive into your computer and you are up and running in minutes with all of your software installed.

Not sure what kind of Hard Disk Drive you Have? The images below will show you how to find out.

Unlimited Web HostingSATA
Virtual Private ServerIDE

IDE drives have not been manufactured in a very long time and for the most part are no longer available. It is not possible to clone an IDE drive to a SATA drive or vise versa due to the differences in architecture.

Make sure that the new STA drive you purchase (the clone drive) is equal to or greater in size than the drive you want to clone; and that you've backed up all of your important data (files) on the drive to be cloned. The drive cloning process has been successful 99% of the time; the exception is if the drive being cloned has bad sectors. If this is the case, to avoid the data on the drive being damaged or lost, the cloning process is aborted (the drive can not be cloned).

Cost to clone a drive is $50 per drive, volume discounts available. Please call 239-677-4425 for more information.

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